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Banish the Paper Blizzard, Part 1: Introduction

Since beginning the practice of law nearly a decade ago, I have studied the problem of paper overflow from the perspective of an attorney in a document-driven practice. Why listen to me? Well, I happen to have almost two decades of work experience with computer networking and administration. With the patient support of a willing lawyers around me, I have tried and discarded many options while navigating two firms to a workable paperless solution that provides the benefits we need at a cost we can afford. 

The purpose of this series is to provide you with insight on what I believe to be a better way to practice law.  I hope to help you establish a framework upon which you may build a less paper-reliant practice.  For most law firms, effective paper management necessitates a change in philosophy about when paper is truly necessary.  I hope this series encourages you to commit to such a change, as I believe it will improve your practice and ultimately your quality of life.