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Fox News in Dallas reports that tort reform isn't working for Texans

Last week, the Fox News station in Dallas ran a lengthy segment on how tort reform in Texas is affecting ordinary Texas citizens. The clip provides hard data that debunks many of the myths of tort reform, including:

  • Texas has the highest percentage of uninsured residents of any state in the country;
  • Texas citizens pay more in healthcare premiums than the average American, so any alleged savings of tort reform haven't been passed on to consumers;
  • The number of new doctors in Texas as a percentage of population actually lags behind the rest of the country;
  • Texans who can't afford healthcare for disabled children rely on Medicaid, which is funded by taxpayers; and
  • Texans whose family members are injured or killed by incompentent doctors and nurses have nowhere to turn.

What the clip for yourself here.

Tort reform is bad for ordinary citizens who pay taxes, buy health insurance, and want to receive competent medical treatment. It is good for insurance companies, lobbyists, and other special interest groups who make money by shifting financial burdens to the government, instead of the parties responsible for causing financial harm to innocent people. Whose side do you want to be on?