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Send in your Clark County retail liquor permit applications

The reality of liquor stores in Clark County, and the jobs and tax revenue they bring, is close at hand. Today’s the first day of a 60-day window when the ABC will be accepting applications for new retail liquor permits. Five permits will be issued in the county, which is keyed off the new 2010 census figure of 22,995.

June 6 is the final deadline. The application is fairly involved, so anyone who’s interested should get started early. Any deficiencies can be corrected during the 60-day window.

After June 6, the ABC will invite everyone with a completed application to Little Rock for two drawings. The first drawing will determine position for the second drawing (think of it as a qualifying race). The second drawing will determine the order in which the ABC will examine completed applications. Anyone in the top five of the second drawing has an excellent chance of getting one of the five retail liquor permits.

The application fee runs $2,000, half of which the ABC will return to applicants who do not receive a permit.

Of course, I’d love to help anyone with the application process. Feel free to give me a call anytime.