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Election/ABC services

I’ve been involved in several partisan, nonpartisan, and initiative races helping campaigns on the front lines and behind the scenes avoiding pitfalls, crunching numbers, and getting out the vote. If you’re running an election and need advice on how to educate your constituents and turn out the vote, give me a call.


I’ve designed custom software to assist in voter canvassing, which is code-named Intelection. Intelection provides political geolocation solutions that permit politicians, campaign managers, and volunteers to deploy assets and report contacts with constituents using real-time, door-to-door visualization software. Intelection helps campaigns identify likely voters with a minimum of effort. For a demo, please email

Check out a screenshot:


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I’ve represented several citizen groups throughout the State of Arkansas during all phases of the local option election process, which is how counties in this state vote on whether to permit alcohol sales. I’ve prepared local option petitions, helped clients document proper training procedures, worked with election officials to clarify state law on who may sign petitions, counseled accountants on compliance with campaign ethics and finance rules, and worked in the campaign trenches. You can view some of my work in campaigning at the Facebook page I ran for a ballot question committee, A Vote for Growth in Clark County, in my home county.

A local option petition is subject to exacting scrutiny by our courts. Oftentimes, petitions will face substantial opposition from local temperance groups. If you are interested in forming a ballot question committee to get the wet/dry issue on your county’s ballot in the face of these challenges, I can help.

As part of a ballot question election in my home county, I have been responsible for running a new media campaign. At last count, our new media campaign reached 60% more eyes than the competition.


Once those local option initiatives pass, I also assist restaurant owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in navigating the often confusing alcoholic beverage regulations administered by our state. If you’re interested in selling alcoholic beverages at your business, I can guide you through the process.

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Division (“ABC”) regulates the sale of alcohol in our State. While there are over forty (40) licenses offered by the ABC, these various licenses fall under two general categories. The first type is for off-premises sales and includes places like package stores, grocery stores, or convenience stores. The second type of license is for on-premises sales and includes outlets like restaurants and hotels. The requirements for your application will depend on the type of license you’re seeking. All license types require a preliminary background check, and you’ll need detailed information about your business, your facility, and your proposed floor plan.

The application process may include hearings before the ABC’s board and appeals to our courts. The best way to avoid problems is good documentation of your business’ plans. I’ve done this before, and I’d like to help you get your license.