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Leadership Clark County III - Education

Today was LCC III’s education session. We began the morning at Henderson’s Community Education Center, which has all types of vocational training available for community residents. This center was founded by a friend of my family, Ed Redenbaugh, who did one heck of a job.

We then visited Perritt Primary School and learned about the health of the Arkadelphia Public School system. As a father, I was encouraged to learn that test scores are way up within the system over the past six years. I also hear there is an exciting new education announcement in the works for our schools…

We wrapped up the day downtown at Dawson Eduction Co-op, where we heard about the state of both universities. Enrollment is up on both campuses, which signifies growth of one of our most valuable resources.

During the late afternoon session, our four groups pitched three projects, two of which will be selected by our group at large. Look for some exciting things to happen in Clark County over the next year!